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All over

5-7-02 All overWell, that's RW over for another year. I feel relieved, but I can imagine how dissapointing the process must be if you have a spinner or something that can only be used at RW. Anyway, we drove up to Leicester to stay at my Sisters on Wednesday night, (thanks Lisa), and then strolled up the remaining 27 miles after a leisurely breakfast and laze about.

the place is a bit of a warren, and very poorly signed inside, it's very much guess the route in... aha a queue of cars in an abandoned airforce base... must be Robot Wars. In fact we pulled up behind Si, Guy and Chris, fellow stout Southerners of team Barberous. We then spent half an hour walking up and down a line of robots peeking at this and that. Once we had a space for unloading, there was the usual rush to get everything out, so we could stand around for hours...bizarre.

The scales were weighing under by some 3 kg I reckon... then inside, Photo, Tx check with Val, Drop of a cylinder with fireman Pete, Tech ch…