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Fake Plastic Trees...

So, for a bit of light relief I bought a few of Justin's LED Christmas tree kits.

I think the original idea was to have a relatively easy kit to put together on Saturday workshops in the run up to Christmas, but they seem to have become quite popular with all manner of folk.

Anyway, the kit is based around a couple of well made pcbs, a bag full of components, and the simple instruction that +ve is UP.
It took about 10 mins to solder all the bits together, and with a huge amount of satisfaction over the end result.

Justin and his Christmas tree kits can be found here:
The Build Brighton Christmas workshops will be running each Saturday from 30th November to 21st December from 10am – 2pm. Entrance is completely free. Kits are priced between £2 and £5.

#BuildBrighton can be found here:


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