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In the qualifying rounds at Robot Mayhem we met Mike Hammerton of team Eric (before they beat us)  touting for robots to come to the Uckfield live robot bash.

Having spent two days doing very little as reserves it looked like a fine opportunity to actually give carrot a run. We had switched steering to "Speed and Steer "mode on the 4QD DCI and were actually going sort of where we wanted to .

We were matched to have a demonstration bout with mincer, but unfortunately his aerial connection broke and required a fix, we then seemed to loose all power and limped about more like a wet lettuce than a killer carrot.

On returning home we found the batteries hadn't charged the previous night for some reason, and were down to about 20v,then I blew up the charger. Carrot went down to the workshop for a strip down and rebuild, but with a little time on our hands before it's next outing at Robots@war on June 30th 2001, it was decided to do a complete redesign with very little sal…

Spending money... shhh!!!

4/1/01- spending money.... shhh !!!

Well what can I say, Very lazy! but hey I've acquired some bits, the axles  with motors attached have arrived and been sitting doing nothing for months,

the pneumatics have been sitting doing nothing and the controllers and batteries have also been doing nothing. The only thing I have attempted is to dismantle one of the Litton motors to find out if it has space for a capacitor inside, it does but only just!