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-The Final Countdown....

29-6-02-The Final Countdown....Ok, it's all done, bar the last minute fiddles that we always only notice need fiddling with in the minutes before a fight.
KC2 evo, is all there, and has a fighting weight of 97kg if the bathroom scales are to be believed, and on Monday, I'll be putting the robot in the calf weigher down the farm to check.

The revised layout reminds me of Thermidor, and were both orange, except he's got a good flipper. This is definately the last revision to KillerCarrot, and once we've been battered at the qualifiers, and limped through this years technogames, it's going to be time for a new start.
Anyway, spec stays much the same, 2 Littons @24volts through 16.75:1 gearboxes, giving about 7mph, at the 10" Kart rears.
Power comes from a pair of 4QD NCC70 speedies mixed in the new Quazar-design prototype interface board, weapon is an SMC 100x125 ram running at 10bar through an O2 cutting regulator and a pair of 3 port solenoids, quick exhaust valv…

Something Nasty in the woodshed

21-6-02- Something Nasty in the woodshedWell here's the results of our grinder fest... we removed about 15kgs of unsightly fat,(steel and lexan), and then welded back in about 3kgs of extra bracing, wheelie bars and support struts. this should mean that the flipper now has something to flip against instead of merely lifting the front end. You can also see the delightful conditions which I usually work in... ie a 4 ft wide leanto. The snails are very fond of this carrot!Here's the revised face of KC2, the flipper is basically U and Box section 2.5 mm steel that I blagged from some engine stands that were being lobbed from the college workshops. The surface is covered in a dual layer of 3mm lexan, which won't stop the axes, but does give a nice shiney canvas for my artistry. The new interface has been relocated. Pete Hollaway phoned to say he'd looked at the site and noticed that I had the interface in a box with the speed controllers. Apparently this makes a nice Farada…