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Fight report

RW6 Fight reportWell after we got back from Qualifiers we went straight to a school fete. and gave a tyre flipping demo, drove around a bit and generally entertained the crowd. The fete was for new Team members Richard and Ben Killners school, and by coincidence was also the school that Guy of Barberous's sister teaches at. Barberous were supposed to show, but didn't becuase they were repairing damage from the qualifiers.
As we unloaded from the fete, Neil charlwood rang to say we had a discretionary place, Adam was delighted.
We were placed in heat L, a tough one with 2 very tough robots, Bigger Brother and Behomoth. Our first fight was against Bigger Bro, Riptillion and Major Tom. Iwas pleased with the way carrot worked, we managed a running flip that rolled Major Tom around the arena, and evn had Bigger bro over and pinned at one point, but I felt bad about pinning them as they had put us back on our feet so to speak. We experienced problems when we were inverted, as the ae…

Birth of a monster

16/8/02- Birth of a monster.
Here he is, built in a week, though still in need of "refining", much of the build is "Duck taped" in place so I can do some test runs, but The basics are in place.
12kg's of brutality. Power comes from 2 power devil 18v cordless drill motord that I bought in 1999 to build our first robot wars entry... back before I realised they weren't big enough. The speed controllers are from KC1, a pair of ncc 35 24's, again purchase in 1999 before I realised they weren't big enough.Having said that the 35's have powered KC1, and 2 , so they work ok. Wheels are screwed onto the drill gearbox outlet and R clipped in place. The flipper is a Festo 40x100, that was in KC1, but broke, when we smashed the lifting arm. It should have a tip lift of 128kg at 10bar, which results in the ability to lift about 20kgs at the tip through a height of 60cm.
The system is powered by illegal sodastream technology that was in KC1, with special adapto…

RW Qualifiers 2002 - Life's hard when your 9.

RW Qualifiers 2002 - Life's hard when your 9.
We went to the RW qualifiers and what happened?
We lost to a team that did no damage to us whatsoever. The man said we might get a discretionary place, but I don't think so somehow.
We got there and had to wait for ages in queue, while while we waited for all the other cars to unload. Then we got weighed.We registered and did our transmitter check and sat down and waited. We didn't do much apart from reading books and going to the loo and eating. Then we found we'd been shifted so we had to wait another load of hours. Then when we were about to go on we had to go in with another bunch of robots, Night raider and Derek2, Derek 2 won, and it's was bloomin unfair too!

RW Qualifiers 2002 - Retraction

RW Qualifiers 2002 - Retraction Yes! Yes! And Yes! Again!You know in my previous piece I said we might get a discetionary place? Well we have!
We're all happy, but Dom (see "meet the team") was a bit grumpy at first because he wasn't going. But now we're all happy and :-))
Well We had some good fights, I can't say much more than that, but the main thing was ,it was fair. We had a laugh and it was fun... I can't say much more than that for now!