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Build for Discovery

26/7/01- Build for Discovery
Just back in after another welding session. The site hasn't been updated for ages because my modems been dead for ages. This is a brief outline of the build over the last 5 months.

I finally decided on a shape, and on May 16th I started building, we'd put off building so we could show the whole design process to the discovery channel film crew following our progress.
We started by building a chassis with the ERW steel, Hell look at the photos,watch the programmes.

So here he is KillerCarrot 2. If you've seen the discovery channel program, "Robots Revenge", you'll know we started the build for KC2 on May 14th, about 6 weeks before Robots@War. The first job was to solder in some bigger leads to the motors, then we welded up a frame, added some spikes, a bit of Lexan body work... and Bob's yer uncle. The flipper took a bit more work, so we put it to one side until after Wilson's Day.

The first trial for KC1 was Lightning, anot…