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Robotwars results

Well we've been on air now, so there's no harm in a little write up.
We were in heat F, against a variety of nasty machines, including fluffy, and Xterminator. I'll leave the in depth blow by blow write ups to other sites, as it doesn't really interst me that much. Strange that, hours of work, and I don't really care too much about the telly side of things, though it was a plus for the boys.
I was impressed by the power of exterminator. We've never had much luck with spinners, they do lots of damage, but then again we usually drive away from it. In fact we took more damage from Scorpion in the qualifiers, but that's another story.
Anyway, Richard came and gave a hand and after a 3 hour blast everything was back to the way it should be on carrot. It was drivable straight out of the xterminator fight, only a Rx wire coming loose
The next event was at Worthing and I took Dom and Adam, we won our first fight outright, and of course had a good day out.