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The Angle Grinder dieta

26-5-02 The Angle Grinder dietWell here we are the bare frame of KC2 from the front, or what was the front.
Weight had to be shed in abundance, and sadly I had to loose the big spike (that fared so well, putting holes in Lightning, Mulsanne Monster, Panic attack, and so many others). I should have simply ditched the chequer plate ally armour, but I can't afford to keep replacing axed motors and speed controllers, so the armour stays and I loose a weapon.Next step is to get out the plasma cutter and slice off any other unnecessary bits, and grind excess stuff away.
A couple of members need to welded into the front and the frame is going to have all the rust wire brushed off, and a coat of rust convertor, then a thin coat of hammerite. I also need to fix up a couple of outriggers to provide a leverage point for the flipper. So much work, so little time.
I'm picking up the steel tommorow lunchtime, castor wheels arriving from screwfix tommorow (and a nice new trolley to save my b…

Rebuild for the Wars

20-5-02 Rebuild for the Wars

This is the new Speed control set up. The entire system is now housed in these die cast boxes, and links to the real world via 3 anderson connectors , and 2 RC leads to the Rx.

The new interface sits centrally in the case mounted on rubber diablo mounts to damp out vibration. The 4QD speed controllers are mounted directly to the lids with brass screws and heat sink compound. I have plans to add a fan/ filter set up, but to quite honest the ncc70's don't get hot enough. (Need bigger controllers, or more volts at the very least)
The same connectors that ran to the DCI, now connect the speedies to the new board, one for the left motor, one for the right. The pink and black wire take power directly from the battery, (so no need for Rx batteries), and convert it to a useable Rx voltage. The other two connectors run to the Rx. There are 5 input connectors, 2 drive channels and 3 weapons.
And this is what that tiny 4"x4" board replaces...

2 servo…


15/5/2002: Well we have 2 new antweights now. DC2 and DC3 are modifications on the original theme. DC2 is a design in aluminium, usually this would not be allowed in antweight circles, but as the entire body is structural ly part of the flipper and doesn't act as armour, it's ok. DC2 has 2 tiny drive servos, HS 50's, a larger hs81mg pushing down the flipper, and another smaller servo as the latch. When armed the flipper can be driven under opposing bots and chuck them in the air. At Modelworld 2002 it faired well, only getting stopped in the end by Buzzant cutting through all the exposed wiring. It won a fair few fights, but I have yet to repair it, spending too much time on Heavyweights.
DC3 as seen in the above shot has extra large can end wheels, with super grippy arrow puller material stuck on. These wheels were swapped for wheels from Dom's duplo as they gave much more push, in fact in the revised set up DC3 proved unbeatable at modelworld 2002, shoving all comers …