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Here's a photo of K3, the undocumented and underappreciated replacement for Killercarrot2. The 25mmx3mm box chassis was designed around a 100x125 16bar ram, T type axles, a pair of CIM2 motors balanced at 36v, and Pro 120 speed controllers. The regulator was a very nice Kenmac high flow unit, and all the plumbing was custom built in the Hydraquip workshops at Crawley.
The body is armoured at the front by heat treated steel, and the end of the flipper plate is cut from a laminated steel plough body.

Northern Allotment

Well, looks like Simon didn't want to paint over the carrot on K3's flipper arm, so we may have a new Northern outpost for Team Dangerous Vegetables and the Killercarrot Crew.

Simon will be running K3 with the T type axles powered by a pair of Littons at 24v from the standard Hawker SBS 15's and Curtis speedies. There's a new 160x100 10 bar ram to fill the hole left when I broke the 16 bar jobbie.. should make a nice little run around. I reckon it'll need a gyro as the 16" wheels made it a bit flighty when I ran it, but that could be my poor driving skills.

Welcome back Killer-carrot

Well it's been about 2 years since I updated the killer carrot website, and whilst I did try to run a blog from it, it never quite worked.
I've just sold the chassis of K3 to Simon of team Mongrel, so the decks are clear to revitalise old KC2, and get it ready for a bit of a laugh in 2006.
I've also made a start of a new featherwight chassis, a rammer, 4 drill motors, with the gear cages welded direct to the chassis.