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Robotwars results

Well we've been on air now, so there's no harm in a little write up.
We were in heat F, against a variety of nasty machines, including fluffy, and Xterminator. I'll leave the in depth blow by blow write ups to other sites, as it doesn't really interst me that much. Strange that, hours of work, and I don't really care too much about the telly side of things, though it was a plus for the boys.
I was impressed by the power of exterminator. We've never had much luck with spinners, they do lots of damage, but then again we usually drive away from it. In fact we took more damage from Scorpion in the qualifiers, but that's another story.
Anyway, Richard came and gave a hand and after a 3 hour blast everything was back to the way it should be on carrot. It was drivable straight out of the xterminator fight, only a Rx wire coming loose
The next event was at Worthing and I took Dom and Adam, we won our first fight outright, and of course had a good day out.

can't tell you

27-8-03...can't tell youI can't go into any details about what happened at this years RW7, suffice to say we had a good time, the boys enjoyed themselves, and I was pleased to finally see the new House Robot I drew for Chris Reynolds alive and punching... well shuffling amusingly. Lots of help from everyone as always, special thanks this year to Dominic of Constrictor, Team UKRobotics, who found us a couple of connectors just the right size, George Francis for taking the trouble to let me test some bits and bobs, Alan Gribble for ransacking Dereks stores ... etc etc.
This is what the boys spent a lot of their time doing instead of helping their poor old dad fix the robot... signing autographs, talking about themselves... and playing on Lee's PS2 (thankyou for entertaining the children this year team roobarb)
And below we have some of the development sketches for the new house robot. [UPDATE - I designed the robot that was to become Cassius Chrome for Chris Reynolds and Chann…

we're in...

23-8-03... we're in...Ok we made it. A horrifically long wait to get in, and then the usual hours of sitting around. We weighed in at 97.7 kg so I added a couple of lexan flaps over the tyres, and some bendy plating in front to stop us getting stuck by something spikey.
Our fight was against scorpion, our chums from Nutley postoffice, Sir Chromalot, and a machine from some new chaps, which sadly got trashed by scorpions spinner. We had trouble with the pressure from the reg, and this stressed the flipper a bit, but it coped ok... though gave up a bit later into the fight. The Hawkers really gave us some zip, and we flew around the arena, not bad for a cellar floor special, the ncc 70's were nore than enough, though we could have used a bit more grunt for shoving the others. we drove out fine, which I consider a success, and were joint winners with scorpion, and through to Round F 10.30 am on Tuesday 26th... I nipped to work today and after hours of poncing about trying to strai…

ready to go RW7 qualifiers...

19/8/03... ready to go RW7 qualifiers...Well here we go again.
KC has been more or less "finished" for a while now. Tests prove it self rights, there's plenty of gas to go round, and it drives much better than before.
The Hawkers really give the old fella a bit of zip, wheelspin and wheelies even.
Unfortunately, there's no room for any armour, just a bit of cheesey ali plate... I'm sure we'll be Mullered, but to be quite honest it doesn't matter, it's only cost the steel for the chassis this year, a pair of Rogers wheels and a couple of cans of orange glow, all else is salvaged from various other builds.
I guess the build cost this time is around £60. plus £90 for the second hand Hawkers .Of course I don't want to get all the internals smashed up, but they have all served their purposes for 3 years now

Carrot Cubed - The "quick" chassis rebuild of KC2

8/7/03 Carrot Cubed - The "quick" chassis rebuild of KC2We worked KC2 hard at Modelworld 2003, and after about 6 fights, there were signs of the real damge we'd taken from Disco and Mr Psyches. the chassis had hairline cracks, as well as whole members bent beyond repair, so we decide it was time for another robot. I already had a new ram, care of STORM, a 50x135, that I intended to run at full pressure. I had new gearboxes and a pair of CIM2 motors,I had a set of Hawker SBS15 batteries, I even had a cellar full of new ERW steel for the chassis, and money set aside for a set of Robots-R-us Speed controllers.... but as with all things Robot wars it doesn't go tthat smoothly.
I came to scrap the chassis on KC2, and looked at the components and thought it was probably worth spending a "couple of days", rebuilding the chassis, so we had a fun live event machine. This was fuelled by Noel Poncelets flipper spreadsheet, which occupied hours of my time, fiddling thi…

Dark Reign

6/7/03 Dark reign

After running dark Carrot at a couple of events several mods have been made.
The batteries have been bulked up to 24v, to stop the relay drop out we were experiencing at 18v, and because of the increased speed at 24v the wheel size has dropped to 7cm. This removes the ability to do Dantomkia spins, but doesn't warm the motors up so much, as the wheels spin.
The original ram jammed open and was replaced by a slightly heavier item, putting the whole build a bit overweight. This could be rectified simply, but to be honest I enter so few competitions that it doesn't seem worth it.
The whole set up works remarkably well, and has plenty of shove, the flipper has plenty of flip throwing out all of our opponents at the Inspire event, Cutlet, catrip and Bodgeit, only sucmbing to Rampage 2, due to feeble driving on my part and a broken link in the nicad pack.
In theory Dark carrot is Adams robot, but it gets shared around quite a bit.