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Modelworld update

The gearbox repairs went ok, and even with desperate amounts of slack in the system, Metahammer ran ok.. well sort of..
The new batteries mad ea big difference, giving us plenty of zip, and powering along enough to push scorpion jnr and pillow torque.. though they faded after a few minutes and that was that.. I need to add another pack to bump up the Ah rating, I could work out what the motors are using but can't be bothered at the minute.
AN investment in another battery, and 4 bearing blocks is called for..
not sure when the next outing will be.

Model World 2006

Here's Meathammer with its scoop sitting on the bench charging quietly before some "football"

and here we are in the air after being shunted by KR3.
We failed the assualt course miserably, too much slide and spin.. cutting in the dual rate helped.. but too late.
Did better on the sumo table, won the first 3 bouts, but when we were up again against scorpion we were out shoved.
Playing football has broken a set of plastic gears in one of the gearboxes, which I can fix... but one of the pinions has come loose too. not sure If I can fix that in situ. The driveshafts are desperatly in need of more support, and I think I'll have to add some bearing blocks.

ready for action

Just put the finishing touches to Meathammer
The whole setup works quite well.. I'm off to modelworld to run it through it's paces a couple of times.
The weak bits look to be the drive shafts, which I'd like to bulk up to at least 20mm and have some better bearnings for.
The battery packs are also a bit weedy, but we'll see how they last, and may invest in a few high output packs.
Of course it could also really do with running the 4QD 35's or 60's instead of the electronise speedies.. but we'll see how it performs and make amends.
Since I took this phot I've added a hinged scoop, so we can get under other feathers... it's a popular design in the states, should work over here.
I only need to wire in an LED to show power and then we are ok to roll.